Saturday, October 10, 2009

I feel so fancy...

Right before I left for Vegas, Steven's parents took all of us out to celebrate my birthday. We had a yummy dinner (although we spent a good portion of it being appalled by the clothing choices of the teenage girls headed to their homecoming dance), and went back to their house, where I wasn't expecting anything, other than a book I'd asked Steven for. He specifically told me that they were going to give me my present when they got home, and I thought that the shoes and purse I'd bought earlier in the month were my birthday presents from Steven. I was shocked when I was handed a big gift back that clearly weighed far too much to be a single paperback.

I opened it, and was shocked to find my very own Amazon Kindle. If you haven't used one before, holy cow, this is the coolest thing ever! I just finished my first book (yay for airplane reading) and just sent a new one to the Kindle from the Amazon store. For all of my fellow book lovers out there... this thing is worth every penny!

There is one downfall (although I will admit that it bothers Laura more than me) is that I can't share books with my sister anymore!