Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming in One Week...

The return of Weigh In Wednesday! I know you're all excited! We went back to our Weight Watchers meeting on Monday, and we're hitting the reset button. We're already getting back on track with our eating and walking. I'm hoping to be at the point that I can start the Couch-to-5K training by the middle of August!

Also, I've got to make a button for Weigh-In-Wednesday, because I'm tired of these posts being so boring and pictureless!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She Wasn't Kidding When She Called It A Challenge!

Last week Jenna, over at Jenna's Journey, talked about how much she read blogs, but how little she commented, and challenged her readers to comment more this week. In fact, she challenged us to comment on 10 blogs each day this week! Luckily she provided a McLinky for everyone taking the challenge to link up (check it out here if you're interested).

I'm very much a blog addict, a comment lover, and admittedly I'm horrible about leaving comments, so I took the challenge. And man, is it a challenge. I usually just scroll through and read my blogs on google reader, so this was a new experience for me. I had to actually take the time to click through, read, and think about what I read, so that I could leave a genuine, thoughtful comment. It's alot of work, but it's so much fun to find new blogs, and to get comments from new people.

I'd challenge anyone who loves blogging to take up Jenna's challenge. It's been fun so far, and I'm looking forward to finding new favorites over the next few days. My personal challenge is to comment on every blog that linked up, but we'll see if I can pull that off!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dining Area Refresh Part One

Just about two months ago, I realized I was really tired of our dining area. It felt cramped, cluttered and dull. And my "Cheap and Easy" Living Room update was just drawing my attention from my less-than-fabulous dining area.

Unfortunately I was running short on inspiration, and more importantly, craftiness. Anyone who knows me, knows that hot glue guns and I are not friends. And I'm pretty sure that hot glue guns are a vital part of any craft/diy project.

Despite my craftiness handicap, I had seen one project that looked do-able. One of my favorite bloggers, Katie from Cleared for Take-Off recovered one of her chairs (sorry I'm too lazy to find the actual post). With this in mind, I begged my husband for a return trip to target. I wanted more of those pillow covers to recover my chair seats. Luckily I measured the chairs first, so upon arriving at Target, I discovered the pillow covers were way too small. Fail.

I was upset, but would not be distracted from my ultimate goal. As I roamed aimlessly looking for inspiration, I saw a table runner I adored, and below it (or above it -- let's be honest my memory is pretty questionable), I saw matching napkins. Napkins that were just about big enough (I hoped) to cover the seats of my chairs.

So I bought them, and borrowed my father-in-law's staple gun, because you know staple guns are great for people who are too stupid to use a hot glue gun without injury (insert sarcasm here).

And so it began...


I stapled the fabric around the base (not my finger!).

Foster helped.

Then I just screwed it back onto the chair frame. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Don't put staples where the frame of your chair sits. If you do, the screws won't go in. I promise. Believe me, I know. Also buy one of these nifty screwdrivers where you can just change out the head, and you can twist halfway and then just turn it back. Way easier.

Add in a matching table runner, and you're all set!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Other Mother

I've always been blessed to have a wonderful mother. There's no question that she's one of the most incredible women I know. Over the years, I've had many other "parents," mostly the parents of friends who were practically my siblings. Each one influenced my life in a different way. But a little over a year ago, I gained another set of parents officially when I married Steven.

John & Donna were everything I could have asked for as in-laws. They took me in as their own and spoiled me rotten. Over the past few years, I've grown to love them, and they truly are family. So last week when my mother-in-law tragically lost her life, I felt like a piece of my heart was taken away. She was a beautiful woman, who loved and protected her boys fiercely. I was lucky to have been taken into her home and her family.

Last week, I saw my family in pain, and I began to understand the responsibility that was on her shoulders as the matriarch of her family. She was their rock; the force that kept them grounded. I watched their pain, and felt it myself. I've never seen heartbreak the way I saw it this week. Look into the eyes of a man who has lost his partner of more than 40 years, and you'll understand heartbreak.

But within this heartbreak, there were moments of laughter, and more blessings than I can even begin to recount. Donna was a pre-school teacher and touched the lives of so many children, their parents, and her co-workers. Her memorial was a testament to her life, and the woman that she was. It's impossible to express how the stories we heard lifted our hearts and comforted our souls.

So to all of you who attended her service, picked up the phone, brought food, sent flowers, or just simply sent up prayers on our behalf, we thank you. None of us could have ever predicted that this would happen, but we all know the miracles that wait for us as God's plan unfolds.

I've gained friends this week, and beyond that, I've seen the bond of my family grow stronger. I know that the coming weeks and days will have moments where it feels impossible to move on, but we will, by leaning on each other, and leaning on our Heavenly Father, we will make it through.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Weigh In Wednesday

We skipped our meeting this week to take care of a few things, and because we've eaten horribly since last Wednesday. But Weigh-In Wednesday will be back next week, hopefully with some good numbers!

I'm working on a post about the past week, it's just taking awhile to write.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sometimes It Rains

And oh, how it rains.

My family has suffered heartbreak this week. My beloved mother in law, Donna, was in a swimming accident and passed away while on vacation with my father-in-law in Corpus Christi. My husband, brother-in-law and I all flew down to be with my second dad yesterday, and drove him back today. The rain started last night (quite literally) and followed us all the way home to Dallas.

We're heartbroken, angry, and in shock. It doesn't make sense, and it hurts beyond belief. My in-laws were high school sweethearts and have been together for more than 40 years. I can't even begin to imagine his grief.

We ask for your prayers, and thank all of you who have been praying for us. Donna was a beautiful, loving Christian woman, and we know she's in a better place, but she will be missed by all who knew her.

Donna, we love you and know we'll see you again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday!

It's that time again! We had our weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Monday and faced the scale after the fun holiday weekend. Here are this weeks stats:

Pounds Lost/Gained: -5 lbs
Inches Lost: n/a (this is coming next week!)
Days Exercised: 4
Major Accomplishment: I didn't use my entire weekly points allowance this week! I really felt like it was inhibiting my weight loss. 
New Goal: Exercise 5 days this week. This will stay my goal until I accomplish it. It would be really appreciated if the weather would cooperate.

I'm also going to work really hard this week, because I'm only 3 (ish) pounds away from my first major goal (5%). I'd really like to hit that next week. Obviously, that will be tough, because it's two big losses in a row, but it would really give me a good push to have two great weeks!

How did you do this week? Did the holiday weekend throw anyone off their plans? We definitely didn't exercise like we should have, and let me tell you, we both felt it on Monday! Ouch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I don't know when...

I became a person who felt better after a workout. But I have a feeling it happened in the past week. The rain has severely interfered with my walking/running plans this week, and last night I was down-right mad that I could go walk because it was pouring and thundering. Who am I kidding? I love a good thunderstorm!

But I guess what all those people said for so long is true. Exercise really does make you feel better. And the hot shower after sweating your behind off in the Texas heat and humidity really is the best. I even busted out (and dusted off) my Yoga mat, so I could get a few stretches in. It really reminded me how much I enjoyed Yoga. Does some one want to give me a gym membership somewhere that has a great Yoga instructor? Because that would really make my day.



Guess not. I'm looking forward to a long weekend filled with fireworks, cook outs, and more walking/jogging! Enjoy the weekend!