Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday!

It's that time again! We had our weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Monday and faced the scale after the fun holiday weekend. Here are this weeks stats:

Pounds Lost/Gained: -5 lbs
Inches Lost: n/a (this is coming next week!)
Days Exercised: 4
Major Accomplishment: I didn't use my entire weekly points allowance this week! I really felt like it was inhibiting my weight loss. 
New Goal: Exercise 5 days this week. This will stay my goal until I accomplish it. It would be really appreciated if the weather would cooperate.

I'm also going to work really hard this week, because I'm only 3 (ish) pounds away from my first major goal (5%). I'd really like to hit that next week. Obviously, that will be tough, because it's two big losses in a row, but it would really give me a good push to have two great weeks!

How did you do this week? Did the holiday weekend throw anyone off their plans? We definitely didn't exercise like we should have, and let me tell you, we both felt it on Monday! Ouch.

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