Friday, March 11, 2011

You Know You're "Old" When...

Shopping for this gets you excited:

We picked this up (and the matching dryer) on sale at Best Buy last weekend! They won't be delivered until the end of next month when we move into our new apartment (the stackables just won't fit ... I'm heartbroken... ha!)

We're also contemplating new living room furniture. Our current couch and recliner are in sad shape. We're thinking about getting these:

Ok, well not the whole room, just the sofa and loveseat ... and both in red! They're in the Cindy Crawford collection from Rooms to Go, and on sale this weekend (yay sales!)

Oh and I finally got Steven's Valentine's Day gift in:

He's currently flashing back to his childhood with the original Mario Bros. I have to say that beyond that life has been pretty quiet around here. We're just starting the process of packing up everything and getting ready to move... can't wait until Easter weekend, and our new, bigger apartment!