Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Years

On Monday Steven and I celebrated our Second Wedding Anniversary! It's so hard to believe that two years have already gone by.

On that day I was completely unemployed! I'd just finished up an internship, and interviewed for the position I'm in now, but I didn't get the job until we were on our honeymoon. And even then, I wasn't permanent until late last fall! Even through the times of me being un- and under-employed we have been incredibly blessed.

We spend most evenings just like we did two years ago, snuggled up on our sofa (at least it's bigger now!) with our big ol lump of a dog, Foster.

I can't say it's all been easy. We've dealt with parental illness and almost a year ago we lost Steven's mom in a very tragic accident. I still tear up often thinking about her, and I'm very prone to snap at people who gripe about their mother-in-laws because I would give anything to have her back in our lives.

We've been on some amazing vacations thanks to the awesome benefits we get through Steven's job. Since our wedding we've been to:

  • St. Kitts (Honeymoon!)
  • Las Vegas (me for work, Steven to come visit me)
  • Disneyworld
  • San Diego
  • Disneyland
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte (Steven took me to see Mary Poppins for my birthday last year!)
  • Chicago (me for work, Steven to come visit me)
  • Hawaii
  • Philadelphia (again me for work, Steven to visit)
I am so lucky to be married to my best friend. I'm spoiled rotten. Steven's surprising me with a trip to somewhere for the weekend to finish up the celebration! I think he's trying to catch up because he got an iPad.

Looking back over the past few years since we've met makes me unbelievably happy. I always knew that some day I would meet my own Prince Charming (thanks to watching too much Cinderella!), and I am so lucky to spend my life with someone who loves me so much! I'm looking forward to the next 2, and the 2 after that, and the 2 after that, and ...

Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Things

I'm stuck posting from my phone so I'm keeping it simple.

1. I'm in San Francisco. For work. Without Steven. I like it better when Steven is with me.

2. It's in the 60s here. Steven said it was around 100°; in Texas. Feel free to be jealous.

3. There's a Bloomingdales right across the street. I may get into trouble.

4. The two hour time difference kills me no matter how many times I've been out here.

5. I ate at a place called "Super Duper Burger." It was fantastic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Newest Addiction

As if I needed another one. Between Facebook, Twitter, and my very full Google Reader, the last thing I needed was another website to get hooked on.

Too bad though, because I found one.

Have you been on Pinterest yet? It's basically an online bulletin board where you can "pin" anything. Books, decorating ideas, recipes, ANYTHING.

Even better, you can follow people and see what that pin. So all those bloggers out there with taste I adore, yeah, I can see the things THEY pin. And love them.

Mostly I find food I love, but I'm trying to pin two other things for every food item. Because I need to have self control with food.

Even if it is just over the Internet.

ANYWAY ... are you on Pinterest? If so, follow me, so I can follow you back! I think you can find my boards here:

If you need an invite, just leave a comment with your email address so I can invite you. It takes forever if you have to wait on one from the web site.

Are there any other awesome new sites I'm missing out on???