Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jamesie Beat the Tumor

Please Continue to pray for this family. Their son went to meet Jesus this afternoon.

Jamesie beats the tumor: Jamesie Beat the Tumor: "At 3:50 P.M. Jamesie beat the tumor. We had our angel for eight months. That's a long time to spend with an angel."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Please Pray

I'll warn you that the blog I'm about to link to will break your heart, so don't click unprepared. I had a class with Kara Sikes (the mom in the blog) in grad school. Her son was diagnosed with a brain tumor last month. They removed it, and two weeks later it has returned with a vengence. They're bringing James home, knowing that there's really nothing they can do. Please pray that God will give them peace and comfort.

Jamesie beats the tumor: Day Twenty One: "I am taking my son home today. I am taking him away from the wires, the needle pricks, and the constant pain he lives in. I am taking him ho..."