Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cheap & Easy

Our living room has been bugging me for awhile. I just felt like it was dark and dull, and needed something to brighten it up a bit. I contemplated toile curtains a-la-Katie at Cleared for Takeoff, but hubs absolutely hated the idea had some reservations. Not about the look, but more about the cost and what I would want to go along with them. And as much as I adore how they look, he was very right may have had a point, since it would have required new curtain rods and the fabric was NOT cheap.

That, and well, let's be honest, new curtains lead to new pillows, which lead to new accessories, which lead to ... well ... ridiculousness. So the toile curtains were out.

I contemplated lamps. But I like my lamps. Well, all but the floor lamp, and the severe lack of light in our living room, makes it a necessity. Plus, lamps ain't cheap.

I considered getting in touch with my creative side with some new wall art. But I like my wall art.

Then, tonight at Target, I realized what I didn't like. The couch/chair pillows.

I fell in love with the CUTEST pillows immediately, which, of course, I can't find online. Stupid Target website. Then I looked at the price.... not so cute. Umm for $30 something each times four pillows, I could have had my curtains. And then some.

Then we wondered over to a clearance rack.

HELLLLO happiness! I saw pillow covers

They were red, and orange, and white and khaki. Love. They were flowered. More love. They were $4 each. They were in my basket.

So here you go:

Oh pillow slip-covers, where have you been all my life? I adore them. They are bright, colorful, and pull a badly needed accent color into my very black-red-and-khaki living room.

Who knew I liked orange? I certainly had no idea.

The best part? They just slip on and you zip them up. So when they get dirty... straight into the wash!

The only problem. Now I want to buy more of these, and use the fabric to re-cover my dining room chair seats.... Hmmmm....

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