Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fails - Diet Fail

It's Friday Fails time over at My Blessed Life, and this week I have a total diet fail. Ok, so it didn't completely blow my week, but it was a FAIL either way. Yesterday I forgot to take out meat for dinner (fail #1), which would ultimately result in my massive fail for the week.

We decided to go out to dinner. We've both had great weeks, and really focused on making sure we were eating enough and eating the right things. It's probably important to mention that I've been preaching portion control non-stop all week. This will be important later.

We spent, I kid you not, an hour hunting for a restaurant where we'd have enough to eat, and still stay within our points for the week. We knew Applebees had a Weight Watchers menu, but since it's not our favorite place, we really wanted to eat somewhere that's "normal" for us.

Then I found, what I thought would be our saving grace. P.F. Changs. Orange Peel Chicken - 8 points, Brown Rice - 3 points, Soup - 2 points. Helllllooo dinner.

So we went, and we ate. We ate like kings. In total disbelief that this could really be real.

You know when your mom told you that if something sounded too good to be true, it probably was? Yeah, she was so right.

This morning Steven informed me that we had each eaten three servings of Orange Peel Chicken. Yes my friends, each little plate of chicken they bring you is three servings. THREE!! I mean, I kinda knew that from the massive pain in my stomach all night, but I felt so defeated.

Luckily though, Weight Watchers was made to help you survive the diet fails. We get an extra allotment of points each week to use how we please, and I am happy to say that neither of us went over that allotment. In fact, we both have some left to spare!

Here's hoping next week I have a weight loss success after my Friday Fail!

What are your fails this week? 'Fess up and link up at My Blessed Life.


  1. Oh No!!! Serving sizes can be so sneaky!

  2. Ack! I love WW too but wow I hope PF Chang's isn't advertising those points! I think I'd have gone with Applebees... or Subway. I'm a cheap date, LOL.

  3. They definately weren't advertising, it was my own calculations off of their nutrition information. Next time I'm giving up and going to Subway.

  4. Ha! I'm working on dieting's a challenge for sure. I'm glad to know that about PF Changs. Hope you've had a better week!

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails! :)