Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Daze...

Sometime late last night our torrential rain turned into torrential sleet that come sunrise turned into snow. Combine that with temperatures barely in the 20's (make that the teens now that the sun has set) and you have a good old fashioned Texas "Snow" Day. Lucky for me, my office closes with the school district and Steven was able to take a vacation day, so we stayed in and snuggled and watched the cars attempt to make it up and down the street.

Foster loved exploring his little piece of the arctic. We went out three or four times and I had to drag him or carry him in every single time. He just wanted to stay out any play!

Our office is closed again tomorrow, so I'm home again. Steven (unfortunately) will be at work, so Foster and I will have a chick flick day, and wait and see if it's going to thaw out any time soon.

Stay warm and safe!

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