Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mini-Yard Work

The back of our patio has a little 4'x15' section of dirt. It's great because that means Foster can go out leash-free, and we don't have to go out if he just needs some room to romp.

The problem is that it was 100% dirt.

We worked on that today.

Meet my manual labor:

I'm not sure I'd call them willing. But I'm paying them so that they have enough for tickets to Disneyland (where we plan on taking them in July).

With alot of digging, only one screaming match, and $50 well spent at Home Depot, we now have grass, and a drain set up to keep our patio from getting covered in mud every time it rains.

Now it's time for a (very) late lunch, before we finish clean up and head off to the pool! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

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