Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back in Texas & The Magic Kingdom

Steven and I made it back from San Diego today. When the flight attendant announced the current temperature at DFW when we were taking off from California there was an audible groan on the plane. It was 98 degrees. I don't think it went over 75 the whole time we were in San Diego. Possibly more like 70. Needless to say California Weather in May = Glorious and Texas Weather in May = GROSS!

So while I'm muddling through the thousand pictures I took in my future home favorite weekend vacation spot, I thought I'd work on finishing up the Disney photos. We spent 1.5 days in the Magic Kingdom, and I literally took 10 pictures. Here are 4 of them. It was hot, busy, crowded, and much fun. We also got stuck on Space Mountain. No, I don't have pictures of the inside, because I was afraid of falling to my death. It was pretty cool though. So, without further ado, our abbreviated photo tour of the Magic Kingdom Park:

Up next is Hollywood Studios. Most of the Hollywood Studios photos were taken while waiting in line for Toy Story Mania. We waited for 90 minutes... and that was a short wait that day.... more to come!

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