Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Diet

I've been working really hard at posting more regularly, and I'm attempting to design my own new blog background and header, and keep up with all of my regular blogs. And this my friends has turned out to be a little too much work, and a little too time consuming.

So I'm taking a break. No more blogging until next Monday. I'm also cutting back on the blogs I read. I really love the blog-world, but I can't let it take over everything else. I think my husband would really like some attention. I may work on my layout, etc. a little, but no more posting until Monday, even though I have a few posts I really really want to get done.

I'll be back next week with the finished dining area, Weigh-In-Wednesday, and maybe even Top 2 Tuesday from The Undomestic Momma. Who knows?

I'll see you in a week!


  1. You can blog while he watches football since football is coming up.

  2. I saw your posting on the nest and thought I'd say hey! I'm also a blog girl, although I haven't posted in forever because my summer classes KILLED me. Anyway, now that I'm all done with that, I can blog a whole bunch more. BTW: I'm in the Bedford area. Have a fab. day!

  3. I feel the same way! I could commit so much time to blogging and reading blogs this summer but school starts back on Monday and there is no way I can keep up! Good to try though I guess :)