Monday, November 15, 2010

Respect The Bird!

Despite the fact that I love (and I do mean LOVE) everything about Christmas, I am trying desperately hard to "Respect The Bird." I firmly believe that Thanksgiving is a really important holiday, and not because of the food coma that we intentionally put ourselves into.

In a society where so much of our lives are ruled by our possessions and our desire for possessions, it's really important to reflect back on the past year and give thanks to the one who gave it all to us. I think it's sad that the stores ignore Thanksgiving to pile on Christmas, which to them, is solely about profits and increasing our materialistic standpoint.

Now I'm not claiming to be a saint. I love the presents and the "stuff" just like everything else, but this year,  I'm going to try to "respect the bird" and give thanks for what I've been given.


  1. LOVE this. That is a great way to put it and I may just steal it for my own blog.

  2. I couldn't have said it any better myself - have a great holiday