Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thunder and Lightning Do Not a Good Run Make

Laura and I headed out again (this time with Steven and Foster in tow) for day 2 of Couch-2-5K. I was able to jog for one more 90 second time frame than last time, and wasn't nearly as tired at the end of it. I probably would have been able to run one more, but the impending storms finally got scary enough that we gave up and headed home. Still no run, but way too much lightning for my taste.

Steven and I are heading to Lubbock this weekend to visit friends. Steven's best man Derek lives there with his wife Ashley and their two kids... one of whom was our ring bearer!

This is a shot of Derek and Thadan (the ring bearer) when they came to visit us in March. We took them to the zoo and had so much fun!

For those of you who weren't at the wedding, I'm pretty sure that Thadan was the most focused ring bearer I've ever seen. He practiced, practiced, practiced, and took his job very seriously. Of course, he did great! This is a shot of us with the whole family at the wedding. Well almost the whole family! Lucas was tired and not feeling photogenic, so he hid.

Saturday will be the first day for Laura and I to go solo on our runs, but I think Steven said he'd come to the park in Lubbock and walk while I run, and that should help!

Everyone have a great Labor Day!

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