Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Random Post

I'm a self-proclaimed blog addict. I love reading them, but I try to continually filter out the ones I don't enjoy as much. This week I came to a realization. I always say I love decorating blogs, but I really don't. In fact, decorating blogs irritate the stuffing out of me. I can't stand 500 posts about how I updated my mantle. Normal people don't have time for that, and therefore it irritates me.

I love home improvement blogs, where they decorate too. 

I finally realized why home improvement blogs don't bother me. It's because they tell a story. It's not just about the house, but you also get bits and pieces about the families who live there. You get to see their personalities come alive in the home they create. 

My favorites right now? Young House Love (of course!) and The Casabella Project. They both are about Young families making houses with "good bones" into good homes. They are both really fun. 

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