Monday, January 17, 2011

My Name is Amanda ...

And I have serious baby fever.

Facebook is dangerous. Everyone either has cute tiny humans, or sonogram pictures.

I'm not whining, because I know we're not (quite) there yet, and that our time will come soon enough.

I'm also not whining because I get to go on very nice vacations that would be hard to do with a small child.

But I think it's time to hang out with the friends that have a baby again, because I have to get this baby fever in check.

Also? I need to stop reading Mommy blogs. Because posts like this, simply melt me into a puddle. How cute are those onesies? I just die. Every.single.time. (Also, her kids are beyond adorable).

On the plus side, baby fever is major motivation to work out and lose weight!

That is all.

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