Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ten Random Things

This is a random post, but things lately have been bugging me, and I'm trying to just write what I feel, not what I think people will be interested in. So here goes. First off, 5 things they are irritating me this week.

  1. College Football. Don't get me wrong,  I LOVE college football. Game Day is so much fun. What I don't love is being told who to cheer for. Obviously I'm going to cheer for Baylor, but beyond that I feel no obligation to anyone. Case in point: I don't have to cheer for TCU because they are right down the road, they are small, or they are the underdogs. In fact, with the exception of Baylor, I don't like it when the underdog wins. Prove yourself all season, then you deserve to win the championship.
  2. Weather. Make up your mind Texas. Is it winter or spring?
  3. Work. Everything's changing. And I don't like change. I cling desperately to normal.
  4. Facebook. If I wasn't so nosy, I'd give it up. I can't say anything about anything because everyone I know is on there. I've seriously considered deleting it, but then how would I know who just got married, or who is having a baby? Who am I kidding, with the way things are going, I should just assume that all of my married friends are having babies.
  5. Babies. I want one, but we're being all responsible and waiting until we can actually afford to live somewhere bigger than this. I know it's the right thing to do, but I'm tired of it.
I think five things is enough. I'm going to follow this up with 5 things I'm loving right now, just for balance:
  1. Having a TV in our bedroom. I know this is a big marriage no-no, but it's been great. We both wind down better at night watching an episode of Friends together, and if Steven wants to play a video game, I can go watch a movie while snuggled in my bed
  2. My Coworkers. They make me laugh constantly, and we can all openly share our frustrations and triumphs and ridiculous stories. It's fantastic. 
  3. My Husband. Because he's awesome. That's all.
  4. My New Running Shoes. Because they're bouncy, and they keep my feet in the right position. Which kinda feels weird, but it's good.
  5. My Tiny Apartment. I'm choosing to see this as a blessing, even though I'd rather not. It's cozy, and comfy, and perfect for our family of 2 and a dog. 


  1. LOVE #1 thing to hate. I didn't go to TCU, I don't give a rip about TCU. Don't tell me to cheer for them b/c I am from FW.

  2. Thank you! It's so frustrating!!!